What Are The Positive Benefits Of Stem Cells?

What Are The Positive Benefits Of Stem Cells?

There is a lot of information around about stem cells and their use. In fact, this is one area of research that is currently progressing and it is also an area that has the most criticism and rejection by people who do not really understand it. There have been huge outcries and demonstrations against stem cell research, and some people have even fallen victim to intimidation of demonstrators. However, this is too important an area to be abandoned as it has the potential to cure many illnesses and ailments, and extending life.

The research is usually carried out on small mammals before tests and research is carried out on humans. However, fat transfer procedures have revealed an accidental and unexpected side effect. It has been discovered that when the fat is harvested from the appropriate area and is injected into the donor site, it contains stem cells too.

A stem cell is like a template and it can turn into and replicate any area it is housed in. The whole body is filled with stem cells and although each area has its own particular function it can be removed and placed somewhere else and it will take on the function and appearance of the cells in that area, as if that is where it had always been.

This means that where stem cells are injected along with a fat filler (for want of a better word) to even out wrinkles on the face, etc., once the initial procedure is over and the fat cells have started to naturally break down (as they will no matter what anyone tells you), the stem cells that are injected naturally with them start to grow and rejuvenate. This has the very positive effect of rejuvenating the skin cells in the area it has been transplanted to.

So, if it is the face, then the face will look younger and more youthful as a natural consequence of this procedure, not just because the wrinkles are smoother, but because the face is actually being regenerated. Sounds a bit like Dr. Who, but no one’s complaining. If that information wasn’t enough, the stem cells will last a lot longer than the initial procedure of fat transfer, which means you may not need a treatment for years. However, most people will initially need the procedure on more than one occasion to get the desired effect and as everyone is different there is no set standard for everyone.

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