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I Walked My Way To Health

Change Total Life By Walking

Change Total Life By Walking

Change Your Life By Walking For Exercise

For those of you who don’t believe that walking for exercise has its benefits and you may have to think about it again. Walking for some people sounds like a lame and lazy way to exercise; some even think it doesn’t do anything. According to experts you reach 40 all you need is 10,000 steps a day and you will be working your way to a long and healthy life.

I used to be overweight until I decided to change my life. I am not exactly obese however I am a small framed woman and the ideal weight for women my size is only about 100 pounds to a maximum of 105 pounds; however, I was tipping the scale of 137 pounds and for a lazy person like me who hates exercising and doesn’t believe in dieting, those 32 pounds is going to be tough to get rid of.

And to add to that I have a leg problem that inhibits me from walking too fast much more running. So I have all the excuse in the world not to work out. But being a responsible parent I know it is my duty to be on top of my health so I can support my children and be there for as long as they need me. When I started having chest pains due to stress and being lazy, I went to the doctor and got myself checked.

I needed to lose weight or suffer the consequences. I didn’t want the latter option so I asked a friend for an advice. He said the best way was to walk first thing in the morning and make a habit out of it. Of course at first it was very difficult and you have to really push yourself to do it but after doing it for several days non-stop, I started to enjoy it and look forward to it.

Walking For Exercise

Why early morning walks is more effective? Well, it has a lot of benefits; it can change your life and first of all it starts the engine working so to say. When you start your day with a light work-out such as walking your metabolism starts to function, as your body burns the fats to sustain the activity. It enhances weight loss, although it doesn’t happen overnight, you’ll start to see the results in as short as 3 weeks if you keep doing it on a regular basis. Just 30 minutes a day and you are good to go.

Another benefit of walking is that you lose weight gradually making your look healthy, your skin won’t sag and you will have that healthy youthful glow back. It also releases endorphins that improve your mood, and because you do this walks in the morning, you have a better perspective of things as you start your day.

It is also proven that walking not just make you shed those extra pounds, it also has been known to help heal a persons body. According to experts on natural healing our feet has nerves and pressure point that are connected to our vital organs, walking massages these pressure point s and restores, if not cure the ailments. It only took me 2 months to shed those extra pounds, while I still have to lose more in as short as 4 weeks I lost 18 pounds. And I feel great! Walking for exercise has become my way of life, start walking towards a healthier you.

Engage In The Best Workouts To Help You Shed Off Excess Weight!

Best Workouts To Help You Shed Off Excess Weight!

There are so many advocacy groups in existence today and you should not be surprised to find that there are more than ten of these groups that deal with weight issues. The society is becoming obese slowly by slowly and every possible effort is being taken to reverse this. Here are some exercises to shen excess weight.

In most cases, the cause is bad lifestyle habits. Kids never used to be affected by this but the tide has got to them and they are finding themselves growing obese and the below are the best exercises to lose weight.

1. Jogging

This is one of the oldest on the best list and also one of the most effective to shed excess weight. There are those who call it running but nonetheless, it involves running slowly over a set distance and on a regular schedule. As you go about major world towns, you will find jogging tracks designed for this exercise. All you need is to buy a track suit and some running shoes and you will be good to go. The exercise involves the whole body and results can be seen as from two weeks.

2. Walking

If jogging is not your thing, then brisk walking will work for you. Walking is normally recommended to those people who had already started gaining weight and may not handle the pressure of jogging. It is more like running the only difference being that in this you will take fast and brisk walks. It is highly effective and leads to the eventual loss of weight allowing your respiratory system support you when jogging.

3. Aerobics

If you are the kind of a person who is very busy and has only an hour early in the morning before getting to work, you don’t have an exercise as to why your weight is growing. Aerobics can sort you out as far as exercise and shedding weight is concerned. These work more from the interior of the body outside and they also are very effective in weight control. They are indoor so you do not have to leave the house at all. In most cases, you can use fast paced music to help you maintain the pace and there are video tutorials on the same.

4. Bicycling

Bicycling may fall at the end of the list but it is not the least effective. It is one of the most fun and adventurous weight reducing exercises that you can embark on. This is so because with a bike, you get to venture outside and see new things as you cycle. The cycling action is what forces the body to burn off excess weight leading to a reduction in your weight.