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How I lost 18lbs in 5 months

I wasn’t really fat but I was overweight. Like everyone else, I am very lazy. I have a very busy schedule, or so I keep saying. I was pretty complacent because I was very comfortable with my body and weight. I can wear most of the clothes I like and I was never really concerned about other people’s opinion, so I was oblivious to any comments or snide they would make if they see me wearing ill-fitted clothes.

Losing weight is not supposed to be an option; it should be a choice you make because you are responsible for your body. My realization came when I started having chest pains and believing that I wasn’t that fat, I was also in denial of my health issues. But eventually I went to the doctor and true enough my cholesterol is a bit higher than normal and there was a tad bit wrong with my heartbeat and it’s all due to lack of exercise. Being a mother of three, I know I can’t afford to be sick because I am responsible for my kids. So on that day, I resolved to change my lifestyle and start living healthy.

First thing I did was do the easiest exercise program I can follow; brisk walking. My fitness trainer friend told me that the best way to lose weight is when you do it in the morning. This is in order to get your metabolism going. This also helped me dramatically to get over anxiety attacks which was happening more often than I care to admit all because I was cooped up at home and not being productive. I also read that you don’t need to run or do too much as long as you walk 30 minutes at a minimum everyday you are surely to lose weight and stay fit. So that is what I did, every single chance I get which was like 5 times a week I would walk briskly for 30 minutes changing my pace from time to time and in as short as 2 weeks I already saw a great deal of change and I lost 2lbs.

Because I was so happy with the result, I asked my friend what else I can do to make me lose more weight in a healthy way, because I have seen some of friends who started running and although they have lost a lot of weight, they also started to look wrinkled and old. I don’t want that, and so my friend told me to drink at least 2 liters of water a day and cut back on carbs. I am not a fan of diet but because it made so much sense, since I do want to trim down the waistline. And as soon as I started drinking more water and cutting back on carbs I felt very light. My skin texture improved and I feel less hungry. The water helps suppress hunger and when I did cut back on rice and bread, I didn’t feel hungry all the time. After 3 months I lost 10lbs.

Like I said I want to lose weight the healthy way and so I also took my friends’ advice and started taking nutrition supplements, no diet pills, just natural nutrition supplements I used Genesis and Nutramax from Symmetry and it helped me reached my goal. I look younger, feel energetic and vibrant and thanks to all these simple program put together I lost 18lbs. in 5 months and have maintained my weight ever since!

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