Setting Written Goals

Write your goals in your ipad.

Write your goals in your ipad.

Setting Written Goals Can Come True

Setting written goals holds true for your weight loss program and the business opportunity if you choose to go this route.

Take two identical groups of people, two totally identical in every means, shape, form, size, everything 100% totally identical and put them in a room and ask them to do the following with the following controls.

The controls that both groups will have.
1. Exact same people in every way. Lets say that you take a group of twins and divide these twins into two equal groups.
2. Give these two groups the exact same instructions.
3. The instructions are open ended and just say we want you to make money and will give you one year to make this money.

The only difference in the two groups.
One group was asked to start setting written goals and document all plans made.
The other group had no documentation. They only had their memory.

Questions To Ask Yourself

I want to ask you this question and I want you to answer it yourself.

Which group do you think made the most money?
Which group do you think achieved its goals?
Which group would you want to be with from start to finish?
Which group do you feel had the most organization?

Have I made my point? I think everyone that took the time to read this came up with the same answers and ideas as to which group did the best and achieved the most.

So with this informal test I put out here on this website I was hoping to bring some things to your attention.

I believe that you answered your own questions honestly and most of you probably came up with the same information.

There was a real test that was done to some degree like this but with a lot less controls and with a lot less of things being exactly the same. The results of the test were the following. Five years later it was found that all the people that had written goals had achieved far more then the group of people that had no written goals.

To help you set your goals you may want to identify your why and then start setting written goals for your weight loss and your income for the business opportunity.

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