Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing is one of today’s most effective forms of distribution and one that Plexus Ambassadors finds that works the best in this type of business. Relationship Marketing is working with people you already have a relationship with or building new relationships with new people. Many of us have a network of friends that we can market to. I believe that marketing to people we know already has to be done in a way as to not being forceful or being obnoxious. You want to keep your friends and not run them off. I also believe we have some good stuff here at Plexus Worldwide and I have let most all my friends know that I am in Plexus. When I started you might say that I did turn off a lot of people that I presented Plexus Slim to. I let up and just worked the business and some people would say to me, “are you still in Plexus, I thought you would have gotten out of it by now?” I would just answer back, “I am doing very well in it an it looks like I will be staying in this one. I’m losing weight with the products and my business is growing every week. It’s hard to give up something like this.” People are realizing I have something going with Plexus and I think some are wishing they had of joined earlier. I just leave them with those comments because if they want more information I find that if they ask me then they are more apt to join then if I try to drill it into them. I have had a lot of people try Plexus and are happy with their results. Most lose about 10 lbs their first month but still most of them are not ready to join. That’s OK because I’m getting good feedback from them and get some referrals from them. Look at referrals as being new relationships because that is just what they are if you do your follow up right. Some of these new relationships are more open to the business opportunity then your friend that referred you to them. It’s funny how some people are. Your friends see you succeed and sometimes they get jealous or maybe they are not as happy for you as you would like them to be for you. It’s just how some people are. You are always going to have these types of people and you have just got to learn to not take it personally.

Build Relationships

To help you build relationships it good to listen to some positive motivational people on cd’s, iphone or whatever device you have and whenever you have time. Maybe it’s that drive to work or to the store. Listen to a Zig Ziggler, More People Here. Listening to these people will help you focus and help you maintain a positive attitude.

So relationship marketing is just that. Expand on the relationships you have now and form new relationships whenever you can. It could be as simple as saying hi to that person you see at day care every day when you drop your children off. Starting with a “Hi how are you doing today,,, my son really loves it here.” Some small talk to a person you have never talked to can lead to a little more talk later or next time. If you are losing weight many of these people will say something like this at some point. I’ve noticed you have lost some weight, how in the world are you doing it?” You now have your opening. Use it and use it well.

Building Relationships – What, when and how and with who? – Click Here to learn more.

Why did you join Plexus Worldwide? Identify Your “Why” and then start building relationships plus add to your relationship marketing skills by listening to some good motivational material.

Relationship Marketing and building your business.

Relationship Marketing and Network Marketing

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