Over The Counter Weight Loss Pills

Do Over The Counter Weight Loss Products Really Work?

Over The Counter Weight Loss Pills

Over The Counter Weight Loss Pills

Losing weight is an uphill task for most of us and as we grow older it becomes even tougher with metabolic rate slowing down and decreasing levels of energy. Besides with busy lifestyles and hectic work schedules not all of us can spare a lot of time for regular exercise and gym. And when it comes to strict diets even the most focused individuals can fail in their endeavors. Most of us are either eating on the run or hurriedly putting together a meal after we rush back from work. Balancing the ingredients and getting the right nutrition is the last thing on the mind when hunger takes priority. Many of us just reach for over the counter weight loss pills for our answers.

This hectic routine and fast food culture may help us save a lot of time but it comes at the high price of obesity and its related health problems. As a result most of us look for quick and easy solutions to our growing weight issues. We are thus easily lured in by the promise of magic weight loss results of over the counter weight loss pills and products. Having said that, it should also be noted that while there are many scams and inferior products out to dupe people, there are also some weight loss products that produce miraculous results and are safe at the same time. The latest ingredient to make it into weight loss products is CBD hemp oil. This CBD oil is also in skin and pain creams and many other products. It has the omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and a lot more!

A quick look at the general benefits of over the counter weight loss pills and products

1. Induces natural thermogenesis
2. Speeds up the metabolic rate
3. Suppresses appetite and curbs cravings for sweets
4. Keeps one full and satiated for a long time
5. Burns fat faster
6. Eats away stored fat
7. Raises energy levels and keeps the body energized and active
8. Helps to maintain overall good health
9. Increase muscle mass
10. Brings the body back to shape
11. Helps to maintain the weight

All leading diet pills will show all or most of the qualities mentioned above. If you haven’t noticed any of these changes even after 3-4 weeks of pill taking the pill, then you have been duped with an inferior product. Stop this intake immediately and switch to a better brand as soon as possible. Over the counter weight loss pills can work for one person and not another. The better ones usually work for everyone taking them.

However, here lies the chief source of problem or concern. Since OTC diet pills and supplements are exempt from FDA regulation they don’t need pre-market approval to prove their safety or efficacy. Unlike prescription medications, they are not subjected to rigorous tests and trials and one has no way of knowing whether they are buying into a scam or valid product, whether they will lose weight or end up with unwanted and unbearable side effects. So how do we do which pills are safe to work and which pills will work?

Ways to check the credibility of a pill or supplement –

1. Look for more information about the brand and manufacturers. If they are readily available then they are a credible company.
2. Check whether the product has been put through clinical trials. If it has then these results will be available on request or put online for prospective buyers. Trials are the best way to verify the efficacy and safety of a product.
3. Look for money back guarantees. If a manufacturer doesn’t offer this then you know they have something to hide.
4. Check the product websites for benefits as well as side effects information. Any respective brand will offer both these without having to ask for it.
5. Check for complete list of ingredients and composition information. This would enable one to gauge how natural and healthy the product as well as check for allergies and possible clashes with other medications being taken.

6. A quick look at the common natural ingredients in weight loss pill and supplements –

7. Hoodia – A strong appetite suppressant
8. Senna – A strong laxative which clears the system and helps to lose weight
9. Green Tea Extract – This antioxidant suppresses appetite, increases metabolic rate and aids in weight loss
10. Ephedra – A strong stimulant which speeds up metabolism and increase energy levels in the body
11. Chromium – Enhances insulin action, reduces body fat and builds muscle mass
12. Conjugated Linoleic Acid – Suppresses appetite and induces feeling of fullness or satiety
13. Guar Gum- A fat absorption inhibitor and appetite suppressant
14. Chitosan – Prevents fat and cholesterol absorption
15. Yerba Mate – Reduces cholesterol levels and curbs appetite
16. Glucomannan – A dietary fiber that keeps one full for long and aids in bowel clearance
17. Bitter Orange – A stimulant and a fat burner
18. Guarana – Curbs appetite and increase energy
19. Damiana – Promotes digestion and reduces stress
20. Bioperin – Aids in nutrient transportation and absorption enabling rapid weight loss.
21. Capsaicin – A strong fat burner
22. DHEA – Increase thermogenic enzyme activity
23. Razberi K – Increases fat-burning hormone norepinephrineand regulates lipid levels

The most effective diet pills are composed out of these ingredients. The exact composition and match may vary but the use of these components makes sure that the user gets all the benefits without the dreaded side effects. Some weight loss pill and supplements also make use of artificial components which can prove to be very effective for weight loss. But all in all it is those pills that blend in the most effective and safe ingredients to create a safe product.

Though they are not required to go through trials by the law, most leading brands actually test their products and run several trials to prove that they are serious in their claims of safety and strength of the product. And it’s these pills that you can take without any qualm or worry. All you need to is a little research and some advice from a health or nutrition expert to be on the right track.

Despite the skepticism of the general public about over the counter weight loss products, we have some brands that have endured over the years and their popularity has gone up along with their loyal customer base. These are products that are a result of years of research and development, products that have been continuously tried and tested and are subjected to continuous improvements. These are the products that show a proven track record of success in weight loss as well maintenance.

But in spite of all arguments, for and against, these are not magic pills. Over the counter weight loss pills and products are meant to be aids in your weight loss endeavor. Left to fend for themselves against a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle they will hardly make any inroads. The best results are gotten from these pills along with regular exercise and a balanced diet. Some really great over the counter weight loss pills can sometimes be gotten from some of the better network marketing companies that are now entering their growth stage.

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