Learn To Spot 5 Early Symptoms Of Leukemia Among Children

Leukemia is one of the most serious types of all cancers. It is a cancer of the blood cells and is caused by the mutation of DNA. It could either be acute or chronic. It should be noted that not only adults are the ones who suffer from leukemia. There are a lot of children who also suffer from this condition. In fact, leukemia is the most common type of cancer among children. Experts say that the weakening of the immune system is one of the factors that contribute to cancer among children. That is why it is very important for parents to build up the immune system of their children.

It is ideal to help support those children who are suffering from leukemia both in the moral and financial aspect. They need all the moral support that they could get. They also need financial support. That is why people are encouraged to send donations to leukemia funds like the Children’s Leukemia Of America Fund.

Leukemia Awareness In Children

Cure Leukemia

Cure Leukemia

Leukemia awareness is also being promoted in various parts of the world. Parents have to know how to determine if their children have leukemia. While parents would not be able to prove that their kids have leukemia unless they go to a doctor, there are some early symptoms that they could detect. Once these symptoms become very frequent, it is ideal to bring the kids to the doctor for diagnosis.

  • Fatigue – Children are very energetic in nature. There is no reason for them to be tired all day unless there is something wrong with their health.
  • Weight loss – It is not a rare thing for children to lose weight as they grow up. After all, they become too energetic at times and they burn as much baby fat as they could. But weight loss could be triggered by loss of appetite and this symptom is one of the symptoms of leukemia.
  • Abdominal pain – Abdominal pain could mean a lot of things. Once children suffer from abdominal pain, it is ideal for parents not to hesitate in bringing their kids to the doctor for check up.
  • Vomiting – Excessive vomiting is also a symptom of leukemia. Their vomiting could result to weight loss, malnutrition, and even dehydration.
  • Bruising – Bruising is also another symptom. Kids who bruise and bleed easily might have leukemia. Parents should also watch out for rashes and other defects in the skin.

Learn to spot these 5 early symptoms of Leukemia listed above and maybe save a life.

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