Is Diet Soda Bad For You?

Is Diet Soda Bad For You?

It’s a popular question “Is diet soda bad for you” which I am incredibly happy to answer for you. There is a ridiculous amount of people that go through life drinking diet soda as their main choice of fluids. Diet soda drinkers will stand firm, mentioning that their favorite diet soda has no calories, and no sugar. So how in the world can diet soda be bad for you if it doesn’t have any calories or sugar? Let me start off by stating some facts of my own.

Those that drink diet soda are shown to be more obese than those that do not drink diet soda. Unfortunately, that is the facts. Now, this doesn’t mean that everyone that drinks diet soda is obese, or if you start drinking diet soda you are going to be obese, it just means that those that drink diet soda on a regular basis have shown to gain weight. Because there is no calories or sugar in diet soda, there is no way anyone can make a direct connection as to why those that drink diet soda gain weight, they just do, and it’s been backed up by multiple studies.

Here’s my theory as to why diet soda and weight gain are attached to each other.

Those that drink diet soda on a regular basis gain weight because they are attached to flavor. They don’t eat or drink to survive, they eat or drink because it tastes good and because they know they have to. When someone is attached to taste, they want to eat tasty things. If they are choosing diet soda over water, then they probably choose hamburger over turkey, cookies over fruit, and potato chips over vegetables. You could go on and on with the comparisons, while diet soda drinkers probably do it subconsciously. When it comes to weight gain, that’s my answer for the popular question.

Is diet soda bad for you, for any other reason than that it has shown to make you gain weight?

Well of course it is, there’s studies that have shown that the sweeteners used in diet sodas cause diseases such as, heart disease, cancer, and neurological diseases. This has also been backed up by multiple studies.

This one you can’t argue with.

These sweeteners are known to be unsafe. Yet they are still being used by the beverage industry and consumed by the general public. Why is this?

I honestly don’t have the answer to that question.

Cigarettes are still made and smoked, and everyone knows that they cause cancer and disease.

The general public likes it, so they are going to keep mass producing these diet soda’s with their cancer causing sweeteners as long as they can.

So, just answer the question, is diet soda bad?

Based on the fact that the sweeteners used in diet drinks have shown to cause all these serious illnesses. Yes, diet soda is bad. You diet soda drinkers can argue all you want, but research and the facts just aren’t on your side.

Written by Dustin Fransen with WoW Gold Tips

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