Healthy Jerky

Gluten Free organic jerky high in protein.

Gluten Free High Protein Organic Jerky

Characteristics Of High Protein Jerky?

A high protein healthy jerky is the most preferred, rather than a highly fat or carb jerk. Proteins aid in body building and often have great antioxidant power. Focusing on protein rich diet is crucial in realizing proper growth and development. For instance, individual under workouts programs is encouraged to feed on more protein food. In addition, proteins help in weight management plans; foods rich in proteins will help an individual keep moving for longer hour without the need for more feeding.

A high protein jerky is packed with energy to fuel you throughout the day, and help you perform vigorous workouts/intense session of exercise. A single serve contains 9.41 grams of protein, as well as minerals and vitamins. A high protein jerky has more beneficial attributes and is ideal for most people consumption.

Typical Nutrients Of High Protein Healthy Jerky

Fat and Calories: A one once serving of Jerky Direct protein rich jerky has about 90 calories & 1.5 grams of fat. Some jerky contains monounsaturated fat; much of the fats in jerky foods is saturated. However, if your dish is rich in saturated fats, there is an increased risk for heart diseases and other health problems. For this reason, the level of fat in any jerky ought to be maintained low for beneficial health characteristics to be realized.

Iron and zinc: Jerky are fully packed with a sufficient dose of zinc and iron, the two minerals essential for boosting the body immune system. Zinc facilities the healing of wounds, an iron boosts the production of red blood cells. A serve of high protein jerky has 1.54 milligrams of iron and 2.3 milligrams of zinc.

Sodium: its added as a preservative in jerky preparation. However, the large amount added during jerky preparation is the major drawback. Specially, adults should limit their sodium intake to not more than 2300 mg daily. Intake of large amounts of sodium in your diet can put you at risk of major health diseases including kidney diseases, stroke, high blood pressure & congestive heart failure.

Jerky high in protein is rich in energy and other also has a lot of essential nutrients. The amount and kind of fats ought to be checked in order to realize its benefits. Unsaturated fats are the most preferred as they are known to cause little to no known heart problems. Saturated fats should be avoided as they put an individual at risk of health problem. For this reason, jerky high in protein is ideal for most people. Eating healthy jerky is a great snack that everyone loves.

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