Face Off And Unmask The Younger-Looking You With These 3 Easy Steps!

Ageing is a process that most people would wish to reverse. Imagine yourself being 80 years old but still looking like a 20 year old! Researchers and numerous scientists are spending hours in the laboratories looking for anti-ageing formulas. However, up to date they are yet to find something that stops one from ageing. One of the body parts that easily changes with age is your face. A look at one’s face can be used to judge how you take care of your body. If it is full of wrinkles and blemishes then you probably do not take such good care of your body. In order to keep your face looking young try the following techniques.

1. Facelift: Do not cringe just yet because this does not necessarily mean you have to go under the knife. These days you just need a good non surgical face lift doctor and you see your face transforming in a matter of days. It is considerably cheaper than going under the knife and the results though not as permanent as those for a surgery are amazing. This is a good alternative to those that do not believe in surgery.

2. Exercise your facial muscles: Just like the rest of your body, exercise for your facial muscles is important. This will help keep the muscles tight and prevent them from sagging. Another advantage is that you will not end up with wrinkles. There are several ways to exercise your facial muscles.

  • Open your mouth as wide as you can then stretch out your tongue for a few seconds then repeat.
  • You can also try lifting your eye brows and holding until you count to 5.
  • Using your fingers to hold your cheeks down then try to smile as much as you can is also another way to exercise your face.
  • Another great way to exercise is using your nose. Move it from side to side as quickly as you can.

3. Check your diet: The best way to sum this up is you are what you eat. Fruits and vegetables are the best options closely followed by lots of water. This cleanses your system and flushes out the toxins in your body to give you a radiant face. There is a lot of information everywhere on how your diet should be. Most probably you just ignore it but it sure does make a difference. If you do not believe that a good diet makes all the difference, then you should try it for just a week and you will experience the change for yourself.

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