Choosing The Best Diet

Best Diet – Choosing One For You?

When it comes to best diet programs, you would never, under any circumstances run out of advice. May it be the internet, books, TV shows, radio, newspapers – they all talk about best diet programs recommended by the so-called ‘dietitians’, ‘health professionals’, ‘health counselors’ so on and so forth.

Diet programs, as it turns out, have always been considered as a trial and error experience, and in spite of all the results as varied as guns and roses, some do succeed to achieve their weight goal. Coincidence? Hardly.

The key to finding the best diet that help you achieve your weight loss goal is the one that works for you. The golden rule here is – no one diet works for all! So, the challenge is to find the best diet that works for you and can tweak into your daily schedule. Since there is no time to experiment with every single diet program available on the market, it is only wise to pick up some tips on how to choose the best diet that works for you.

Always Choose A Diet That Can Be A Part Of Your Lifestyle:

Unfortunately, a lot of people commit the mistake of choosing a diet program that is in high contrast to their lifestyle. The mistake here is that you do not have enough time to go through your regular activities and simultaneously carry forward a diet program. So the best way is to choose a diet program that can be tweaked into your lifestyle and you can go easy with it. For example, if you are a person who has to be in office throughout the day, you cannot choose a diet program that requires you to exercise every hour or snack at regular intervals. However, you could choose a diet program that requires you to exercise one hour each day and be flexible on food selection.

Best Diet - Choosing your diet wisely.

Choosing The Best Diet?

Do Not Trust Diets That Are Too Good To Be True:

Since people today are more conscious about their body and everybody wants to look as slim and trim as those stunning models in magazines and TV, it has given way to diet scams and frauds that can easily trick you into some fancy diet. Hence, use your logic here and analyze if a diet is going to work for you or not – it’s not rocket science! For example, if you see a diet that promise to incredibly lose your weight without any exercise at all – what do you think? It’s definitely not going to work!

Best Diet? Get Realistic

If losing weight was so easy, why would anyone need a specialized diet program? All one needed to do was to skip some meals and there you look like that supermodel you saw the other day on TV. A major flaw in diet program advertisements is that they show you incredible results and lure you into dreaming yourself in it. If you thought diet programs work like that – it’s time to wake up and get realistic. A weight loss goal can only be set according to an individual’s total weight and the time their body takes to respond to a diet. So, the best way here is to set achievable goals, which means small targets that are easily achievable.


Yet another way to find the best diet for you is to choose a program that has been recommended by a health professional, registered doctor or dietitian. The reason why some diet programs succeed when others fail is the lack of practical knowledge in food and exercise. Moreover, if you are a patient suffering from diabetes, cholesterol or even some minor joint pains, it is seriously advised that you chose a diet suitable for you.

It is best if you could consult a doctor before choosing a diet, so that the doctor can examine your body and give you a go on your diet program. Another advantage of consulting a doctor or dietitian when choosing a diet is that they can give you a decent approximation on how you would be able to progress under the diet program, how your body would respond to the program and if you can achieve the same in the long run.

A diet is something that needs to be chosen after much careful thought and canalization, because you just do not want your body to go through several changes without any results at all. Making a diet work is all about choosing a program that gives flexibility on your food as well as exercise choices. Unless you do not have flexibility in your diet program, stringent rules can make you abandon the diet programs halfway with you certifying it “unsuccessful”! Hence, the best diet is all about carefully choosing what works for you and not what worked for someone else.

Why choose a diet in the first place?

My BIG question to you is WHY choose a diet in the first place? To me and most people I know, diet means depriving yourself in some way from eating the foods you like. Diet is just a down right negative word. It does not have to be that way but I have found that most weight loss programs are not fun at all and you usually give up on them within the first month. Diets are usually hard to keep and require meal replacements or some type of change in the types of food you eat. Many times you have to track calories so that you don’t eat too much. I could never keep count of calories and to figure out the amount of calories in an 8 oz portion vs a 4 oz portion was confusing. I guess that is why some of the pre made meal weight loss programs like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig are popular choices. Some people really like these programs but they complain of the prices. Some of the other diets require you to do meal replacement with a drink in the form of a shake or a juicing program. The shake meal replacements can be an inconvenience and can get old after being on them for a month or two. Some of these diet programs may have you substituting more than one meal a day if you want to lose more weight. Usually you have a choice of chocolate, vanilla or strawberry flavored shakes. Some have a gritty texture and most do not take very good.

So getting back to my question; Why choose a diet?

If you have tried dieting and found that nothing has worked for you then you may want to look into a company called Plexus Worldwide. Their flagship product is Plexus Slim. It’s not a meal replacement and its not your typical weight loss program. No counting calories and no diet.


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