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Pink Drink Punch

The Popular Pink Drink Punch

Pink Drink non-alcoholic Punches

Pink Drink non-alcoholic Punches

Pink Drink non-alcoholic punches and drinks are the perfect choice for a party drink, baby shower drink, or kids party drink. Gatherings, events, birthdays, and holidays, are all suitable occasions to serve a pink party punch. Here is just one example of pink sherbet non-alcoholic punch. It is very easy to prepare because it contains only three ingredients. You can even substitute all you wish and adapt the proportions to your liking’s. Visit the homepage for the Pink Drink for children’s parties.

Pink Drink Non-Alcoholic Party Punch
Here is our recipe:


· raspberry sherbet (we suggest you to use about 1/3 of a gallon but you can adapt the proportions to your likings)

· 1 can of thawed juice concentrate – cranberries or raspberry (you can find it in the frozen foods section)

· two- 2 liter bottles of cold 7Up or Sprite


Pink Drink

Pink Drink

As we said, the preparation of this delicious pink non-alcoholic punch is very easy and it takes just a few minutes:

– First you need to prepare your ingredients in advance. Thaw juice concentrate and refrigerate the/Sprite or 7-Up juice for several hours before the party.

– Mix the Sprite or 7-Up with the juice concentrate and stir about ten minutes before your guests arrive.

– The last step is to scoop the sherbet into the punch bowl. Let it get foamy. Now your pink drink party punch is ready to serve.


You can use any flavor you like of pinkish sherbet, I use strawberry, as well as any kind of pink or red juice base. The way you substitute the ingredients depends on your taste as well as what ingredients you are able to find at the closest grocery store. For instance, you may prepare your pink party punch batch with a cherry/limeade sherbet and a cranberry juice concentrate base. It is guaranteed to be not only delicious but also a pretty punch bowl. You can choose any other combinations of your like and it will still be yummy and pretty. For example, you can add or subtract ingredients such as lime, coconut, or pineapple. The possibilities to combine your ingredients are endless to come up with a Pink Deink Punch!

Pink Drink

Slim Pink DrinkThe Slim Pink Drink is a favorite among people looking to lose weight.  We all have experienced the yoyo effect that many people have when dieting. Don’t diet, just drink the Pink Drink. Below is what happens to many people that try to lose weight.

Almost everyone who diets has experienced the disappointment of regaining weight only recently lost. The moment when the scales start shooting upward typically happens roughly at the halfway point in meeting the dieter’s goal weight. Putting pounds back on after all the hard work of dieting causes disillusionment, and is for some individuals enough to cause them to give up. The Slim drink offers a mostly natural way to lose weight fast, and helps in moving past the mid-diet desire to cheat, binge, or start sneaking snacks.

The first part of a diet is often the “honeymoon” period during which energy is high, and will power remains strong. Even before the diet begins many report having issues with fatigue, hunger cravings, and a problem burning fat through exercise, which are all issues commonly caused by low blood sugar levels or blood sugar levels that are out of balance. While dieting blood sugar levels that drop or escalate quickly can sabotage a diet by not only causing food cravings, but also the slowing down of the body’s metabolism. The slower the body’s metabolism the longer it takes to lose weight. For some this problem can even cause their body to lose muscle tissue instead of fat.

Slim Pink Drink Helps

The Slim Pink Drink is the most natural solution to keep the body on track and see a desired weight achieved safely, and quickly. This isn’t a meal replacement, and not a part of the type of starvation diet that can trigger the dieter’s body to actually burn muscle rather than fat. Instead this weight loss drink may help to regulate blood sugar levels, as well promoting healthier cholesterol and lipid levels. This will cut down on cravings, and aid the body in burning fat faster.

It’s hard to ignore the signals to have a snack, and there’s a good reason for this. The human body quickly becomes accustomed to a certain amount of calories a day, and when the dieter consumes less the natural response is a growling tummy, and images of a candy bar dancing in the dieter’s head. Unfortunately, this is nature’s way of fostering a desire for high calorie foods. This is the reason few people feel a sudden longing for lettuce, celery, or a carrot when trying to lose weight.

Cravings especially those striking a few weeks into dieting have always been considered normal. Understanding how metabolism works however can prevent the surprise of checking the scale after a small cheat, and finding pounds have crept back on, instead of just a few ounces. Giving in and having an extra high calorie treat during a diet will almost always instantly see an increase in weight as the body’s metabolism is changing. A slower metabolism will see more fat stored, and less protein burned for energy.

If you have tried everything and nothing has worked then it’s time for you to see the results of the Slim Pink Drink. Many of the weight loss drinks that I have seen lately come with a 30 to 60 day money back guarantee.