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High Blood Presssure Causes and Complications

You possibly have high blood pressure, also called hypertension, when your blood pressure readings are constantly 140 over 90 or higher over some weeks. Additionally, you can also have it when one of the numbers proves higher than normal over a period of weeks.

When you have high blood pressure, the higher pressure will put further strain on your blood vessels and heart. Eventually, the extra pressure increases dangers of stroke and heart attack. It may also cause kidney and heart diseases. it’s also associated closely with dementia.

Factors Leading To High Blood Pressure

There are numerous conditions and factors which may lead to the development of high blood pressure.
These include:
Being obese or overweight
Lack of physical exercises and activity
Too much salt in the food
Excess alcohol consumption
Older age
Genetics Family history of high blood pressure
Chronic kidney disease
Thyroid and adrenal disorders
Complications and long term effects of high blood pressure
Eating foods that are not part of a healthy diet

Majority of complications relate to the circulatory system resulting from added pressure on blood vessels and heart. The pressure on the heart is going to eventually affect other major organs, leading to life-threatening conditions. Thus it’s vital to maintain your blood pressure at controllable levels, particularly when you have been diagnosed with hypertension already. Common complications that arise from high blood pressure include:

Atherosclerosis: A condition which, if left without treatment, may lead to stroke or heart attack Stroke or Heart Attack: When a blood vessel ruptures, or there is a rupture of an atherosclerotic plaque inside artery, blood clot may form within the artery, leading to stroke and heart attack. Other complications include kidney disease, aneurysm, eye disease and vascular dementia.

Though stress in usual part of life, too much of it may lead to psychological, emotional and to some extent physical problems, including chest pains, irregular heartbeats and of course, high blood pressure.

In conclusion, high blood pressure is a major life threatening condition and those suspecting that they have it, or have shown signs of it, should consult physicians who may prescribe medication to contain it.

2 Ways to Tackle your Weight Stalemate

I’m a dedicated dieter, eager to share my thoughts on two of the most recent additions to the weight-loss arsenal: Transdermal patches and Thermogenic supplements.

Balanced Diet And Exercise

Balanced Diet And Exercise

The Weighting Game – All but a lucky few are combatants in the on-going struggle with weight. If you’re battling the bulge, fighting the flab or just trying to drop that double chin, eating healthily is the first step in the right direction.But as we all know, maintaining a balanced diet is most difficult when you feel you’re not making progress. Impatience leads to frustration and this is likely to cause us to veer off-track. Here I share with you what’s going to encourage the on-set of these minefield mind-sets:

We all know the easiest place to attribute blame is directly on the self. But what many dieters fail to realize is: more often than not, it’s not your fault. All of this blame we put down to weakness and doubt is damaging, because it’s often the food that is worsening your addictions and controlling your impulses. In no way am I against food! But foods high in salt and sugar can determine your feelings on a biological level. Research shows that our bodies react more demanding when we actively think about high-energy, low sustenance foodstuffs. Basically, the more junk we eat, the more we want!

Feeling Great – The so-called hunger hormone, “Ghrelin” is what causes that very real feeling of desire. This impulse is fueled by what your body interprets as a shortage of nutrients, making it difficult to counter because it becomes increasingly abundant as you continue to resist it.

The combination of Ghrelin and the learned behaviour of eating junk food to suppress this urge is worsened by the immediacy with which we demand things when we are deprived of them. We learn these behaviours through a process called operate conditioning and become biologically attached to the apparent “reward cycle” of succumbing to the hunger-hormone. This cycle is strong and we have all given in to it at some point. It makes these barriers very difficult to overcome because we’re up against our own biological circuitry.

One method of reducing Ghrelin’s grasp is via Transdermal patches. Applied directly to the skin, they administer chemicals that offset the impulses encouraged by an increased amount of Ghrelin in the body. Recent slimming trends are leaning towards transdermal patches as a way of deferring hunger because they are fast-acting and easy to apply.The downside is that they are limited by how heavy-handed a tactic this is: these patches reduce the desire for all food.

The Hunger Game – Simply masking hunger denies your body the nutrition it needs and increases your body’s internal craving for the same high-energy foods you’re trying to avoid. This can worsen your biological desire for unhealthy snacks because your mind is convinced they’re just the quick-fix you need.

While this is a potentially rocky road, artificially stifling the sensation of hunger can assist you in slimming for weight loss if done in a healthy way if it’s combined with a well structured and balanced diet until you’re confident that you’re a habitual healthy eater. If you don’t have what it takes for this degree of dietary discipline, the latest alternative is a more advanced form of slimming supplement.

Operating on a concept called thermogenics, the body can utilize the potential energy stored in your fat deposits. Encouraging the use of this energy in theory allows you to shed fat through heat. Thermogenics are therefore, a catalyst for a process called thermogenesis: which is how mammals generate heat. Beyond this primary concept is the benefit of having enhanced vitamin and mineral content to amend any deficiencies you might have acquired throughout the week.

We know that working and dieting is time-consuming and slimming supplements can help accelerate your progress towards that work/life balance. This method best compliments a diet and exercise programme that you’re going to stick with for the foreseeable future. Ideally, this will raise your body’s standing metabolic rate, but you should in no way become dependent on any fix and allow them to act as your primary weight-loss weapon.

Slimming is Winning To be resolute in achieving control over your weight in the long-term it’s vital you remember: you are your own secret weapon. You’re the only one capable of planning, foreseeing and realizing your goals and if you—like me—require help along the way, it’s out there, but it’s up to you to find it.Everyone has a weight-loss program that will work just for them!

I’ve tried both methods and a million methods before them, and only started to see improvements when I stopped expecting them to do all the work. As long as you’re dedicated to finding a combination that works for you, you never have to search for it alone. If you’re interested in either of the products mentioned please consult your physician and best of luck with your weight-loss adventure.